6 Tricks That Can Help You Build An Impressive Resume While Applying for a Job

It could be the first or tenth job that you’re applying for, your resume will always be important because that is the first impression a hiring manager has of you. Every job comes with a different set of expectations, and they start judging your candidature from your resume, hence you need to be careful while attaching your “updated resume”.

If you’re a fresher who’s creating their resume for the first time, you could be overwhelmed. But the good news is that you don’t have to feel helpless. You just need to put in some work and follow a strategy to create an effective resume that can give you the right kickstart in the job market.

We’ve compiled a list of things you should keep a check on while building your resume to make a great impression on your recruiter.

1.  Stick to information that is relevant

Your resume is not a biography and the hiring manager does not have that much time to keep reading about your trivial achievements. So, always stick to offering information that is relevant to the brand and the job profile you’re applying for. Usually, a resume has your educational qualifications, professional experience, and professional achievements. And try to not mention the achievements that have no relevance or are outdated by now.

Pro Tip: Don’t write about the medal you received for the science project at school. PLEASE!

2.  Don’t go overboard with the sections

Professional resumes are separated through different sections which are helpful in presenting clean and detailed information. Sections like Academic Qualifications, Work Experience, Achievements, Published Work, etc. are common but don’t use all of them unless you atleast have two bullet points under each of them. Like as a fresher, you don’t need a work experience section because you’re just starting off. So, be mindful of not going overboard.

3.  Use a professional photo

Most resume templates you will find online these days will ask for a picture. It is so because when you place a photo on your resume, it helps the hiring manager to identify you and give you a face. You can get a professional picture clicked for your resume to make a good impression. Try to keep it formal or semi-formal, so that the recruiter sees you as a professional and not as some college kid, hanging in his tees and crocs.

4.  Keep grammatical mistakes at bay

When trying to make effective communication, there is barely any scope for grammatical errors. You may not be as proficient with the language, but the hiring manager definitely is. Take help from sample resumes to understand the language use or take assistance from online tools like Grammarly to check your grammar and language. Your language should be crisp and error-free to ensure the recruiter that you have good commination skills which are required for every job profile these days.

5.  Try using active language

A hiring manager goes through numerous resumes in a day and they also get tired of reading the same information every time. To stand out, it is recommended that you use active language to engage the reader. Use terms like “achieved,” “earned,” “completed” or “accomplished” to bring the recruiter’s attention to the right places. Long sentences and dull language often are the reason why you never receive responses to your emails.

6.  Spare one section for mentioning your soft skills

This one is especially for freshers who do not have much to put in their resumes while applying for their first jobs. You can create a “soft skills” section in your resume that talks about your communication skills, leadership skills, people-pleasing skills, multitasking capabilities, etc. These skills can be gained during college events, seminars, or workshops and are worth mentioning. You can even mention the events that highlighted your capabilities as a leader or manager to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter.

We hope these tips will take your resume from being good to great. Resume building is all about putting your hard work up in a smart way and that is exactly what we’ve tried to explain above. Stay tuned to read more such blogs!

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