Did You Just Land Your First Tech Interview? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do Around The Hiring Manager!

Fresh out of college, applying for your dream jobs, hoping for things to just work out like movies, ain’t you? We hate to break your bubble, but it’s time to get the much-needed reality check! It must be just a few weeks since you applied for the job and now is the time for your first technical interview. While getting jobs in Georgia itself is a task, clearing the technical interview, especially when it’s your first can be tricky.

But in your search to find the right blog that can help you prepare for the interview, you’ve found your best friend in us because we know what you need. So just get your cuppa coffee, a pad, and paper and dive in with us!

1.  First Things First – Keep Your Attitude At Home!

Don’t take any offense but freshers tend to wear their attitude up their sleeves because you are still in your dream world. Keep pricking your bubble because it is time to taste the real world and trust us no one is in the mood to take your attitude. Don’t assume that your interviewer is a mid-level manager with no technical background. They know what they are up to and you cannot fool them. Just be honest about the tools you have used and not used. They know that you are a fresher and you can’t have knowledge of everything already. So, be polite with your conversation and answer the questions in all honesty.

2.  Don’t Be Under Confident

Yes, it is understandable for you to be a tad bit nervous for your first-ever tech interview but you need to trust yourself. To sell a pen, the salesman needs to convince himself to buy it before he goes out to make sales. Similarly, unless you don’t reflect confidence in your candidature, the hiring manager won’t too. Never try to oversell yourself but always portray yourself as a candidate with incredible potential and an endless desire to learn and grow. This attitude will take you far!

3.  You Are Not Their Saviour

In extension to your bubble life, some freshers tend to believe that the company they are applying to is in dire need to hire them and if not for them, the organization is doomed. NADA! That is never the case. While big organizations have multiple-level staffing, mid-level companies or even small local hardware stores can do without you. They might look like they are collapsing, but they are still doing fine. So, never tell the hiring manager that they need you. Always know that YOU need the job!

4.  Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Come Out

You may be well versed with your concepts and practical knowledge of the tools they are asking for, but don’t show off. Never try to criticize the questions put across by the hiring manager. It could be a basic question, could be a trick question, or might even lack sense sometimes. Try to be the problem solver instead of the problem maker. A hiring manager is always looking for a candidate who can solve the problems at hand and not start arguing or questioning unnecessarily.

5.  Show Excitement For The Role You Applied For

Last on our list, but absolutely no the least important. Being excited about the job is important to show not just for freshers but also for experienced professionals. A hiring manager always chooses candidates who may be lesser skilled but are enthusiastic about working with them. You can do that by asking questions at the interview which could include, “How is the work culture at the office?”, “Is the average staff young?”, “Will I have my creative space?” etc. to show that you are really keen on taking responsibility and be a part of the company.

To Sum Up…

Surviving your first tech interview is your first step in the real world. You are fresh from the oven and the hiring managers might attempt to attack you with a few comments or trick questions. Never let an interview define your career ahead. Getting the job is not the end goal right now because first interviews can be intimidating. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving ahead in your life. All said and done, we do hope that you get this one!

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