How to write a Good Resume?

Remember that your resume is your marketing tool. It creates your first impression among a potential employer. You can make use of below given guidelines to write a well-constructed resume.

Visual Presentation and Organization

At a glance your resume should highlight who you are, your current role, location, your highest qualification and certifications, and your career summary. Make use of the right amount of bulleted points to define your skills/capabilities, key role & responsibilities, Results & Achievements. It helps the employer to first focus on the important pieces of information, and if required then only go through the long sections of text.

Career Summary

Objective statements are considered outdated. Summarize your career summary with major achievements as a professional and cover the most relevant areas of your career level and job target.

Communicate as an “Achiever” rather than a “Doer”

Defining your major achievements will be effective and create excitement, a great resume helps the hiring executive picture you delivering similar achievements at his or her company.

Avoid making use of passive words and non-action verbs

Avoid overuse of passive phrases like “Responsible for”, “Negotiated”, and “Providing”. It looks monotonous and adds little value to your resume. While writing your achievements and responsibilities make use of strong action verbs with compelling language. It will help you to write a well-constructed resume.

Employment & Education History

For professionals who are having more than 15 years of experience, we recommend limiting your work history to the past 10 to 15 years only. Mostly, employers are concerned with your most current and relevant work experience.

Resume Size and Format

Limit your resume size to below 1 MB by standardizing fonts or formatting and do online submission of resumes in Microsoft word document for digital compatibility and easy for the online systems to read maximum information.

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