The Future of Hiring: How to Market Yourself?

A job market is a dynamic place. It survives on the current market trend and demands. Hence, it becomes imperative for a job seeker to reinvent oneself all the time. It is important from the marketing point of view too. A job seeker will need to advertise one’s strengths and weaknesses to qualify for the job. However, with the advent of technology, the entire exercise of hiring too has undergone a sea change. Under these challenging circumstances, let us have a look at how one can market oneself to gain a foothold in the employment world.

The ways to promote oneself

The online job board in the USA is filled with vacancies. It is advertising for IT Jobs in the USA, remote IT jobs in the USA et al. There are mobile app development companies that are looking for the best talent, to fulfill customer expectations. There are plenty of verified professionals online who are seeking the same for themselves. This is as intense as the competition gets. How does one go ahead?

The first step to take is to clean up one’s digital footprint. When I say clean up, I do not mean to delete but to make them private. No recruiter would want to see those raucous party pictures or for that matter whatever is happening in your private life.

Some of the top job search sites and the best job portals in the USA advise applicants to prepare an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a 30 second to a maximum 1-minute pitch about one’s capabilities. It provides a glimpse of the immense possibilities that a candidate brings to the job. It also piques the interest of the employer and recruiter.

If one has to find the best careers online, then thorough research has to be done. There are umpteen job search tips online that provide an insight into the job market and the trends that the recruiters are following.

Once the two initial activities have been accomplished, let’s get down to brass tacks.

  • Find your niche

This is important since you do not want to be stuck in a job that you will abhor. Look for online career advice web portals. They provide thousands of job opening news. Finding the target audience is the most important step towards grabbing that dream job. If you are looking for IT jobs, then are there are IT staffing companies in the USA that provide some of the best openings.

  • The USP

Each one of us is a product having a USP or a Unique Selling Proposition. The niche may be somewhere and after that has been identified, prepare oneself to sell the strengths to the potential employer. Recruiters are always on the lookout for those unique personalities who would add vigor to their workplace. Become one.

  • Communication Skills

This is of utmost importance. You may be the best programmer or digital marketer in town but if you do have the wherewithal to prove it or put it across and let people know, you are never getting the job. Choose your words carefully and do not give false promises but a message needs to be sent across stating how important an asset you will be for the organization.

  • Personality

With great communication skills come a great personality. Every organization has those few who have the flair to attract and gain the attention of others effectively. The community of verified professionals advises job seekers to build a personality. It is an entire package, consisting of hobbies, passion, and personal skills. Let the recruiter know who you are.

  • Know the market

It is important the before you embark on the journey to crack the job, you have a finger on the pulse. Researching the market is the only way one gets all that knowledge. It also makes one look well-informed. Interviewers look for those who are aware of what’s happening all around.

  • Tech-savvy

One need not be a first-rate programmer if IT is not your niche. However, given how pervasive technology has been, it helps to be web-savvy.

Lastly, Looking for a job is an exciting affair. It comprises a lot of activities that have to be undertaken. If the approach is focused then landing that dream job will no more be a distant dream.

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