What Passive Candidates Want Most? Hint: It’s Not Higher Pay

Over the years the job market has undergone a major transformation. What used to be the general thumb rule a decade back is no more relevant in the times of technology. The definition of job satisfaction too undergone a sea change and it is not just money that attracts the worthy candidate but a lot more. Studies have been conducted by various quarters to look into the transformation of the candidate. Armed with this deep insight, recruiters across the online job board the USA and verified professionals online have begun to provide the fringe additions that can make or break the deal.

Let us look at what passive candidates want most.

Work-life Balance

As per the top job search sites in the USA, best job portals in the USA and Top Job hunt Online websites, a company providing the perfect work-life balance is most sought after. Gone are the days when the only culture that companies promoted was an insane amount of work and nothing by way of recreation. Technology has changed we look at life as a whole and with greater tech inclusion, a balanced mix has appeared on the job front. Work-life balance can be in the form of flexible work hours; weekend offs or remote work capabilities. Most companies are slowly graduating from the past rigors and embracing the change.

Employer as a brand

Recreating the employer as a brand is a result of the employee as a brand. When a company empowers its employees to make decisions, they are investing in a future leader. They are also promoting their employees as a brand. This comes back as a profitable venture since it attracts others who get influenced by employees of the particular organization. This creates a reputation for the organization itself and it turns into a brand. Employer brand reputation is an important factor for passive candidates, as per most online career advice web portals and the community for verified professionals.

  • Retain Talent or it’s a missed opportunity

In a world of intense competition and scarce talent, recruiters must latch on to the best talent available at any cost. It is beneficial in the long run since it has been seen that over a period in time, these talents can provide a handsome return on investments. One of the ways to retain such talents is to create an environment of opportunities and a fair system where every voice would be heard. Highly productive employees need constant nurturing. It also needs to be ascertained that they do not burn out under the load of excessive work and hence are unable to showcase their full talent.

    To manage any exodus of talent, the human resources will have to devise ways to keep the best talent with them. This can be done in many ways.
  • Financial incentives
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Promotions
  • Increased allowances
  • Flexible work routines
  • Company Goals and its alignment to the recruitment policy

One of the prime reasons why recruiters often fail is because they overlook what the company goals are. If the company objective is overlooked, then most activities about the company will not be fulfilled. It is therefore important to understand the ethos of the organization.

The company’s goal is its lifeline. The entire business strategy is based on it. Any wavering from the goals or the objectives will generally lead to failure. Hence, every function undertaken by the company should reflect the ethos the organization stands for. It is applicable for talent planning and recruitment too. It is one of the most important spokes of the wheel. An individual will only be able to survive the working environment if and only if they can fit in the environment of the organization. It is also evidently necessary that the aim of the organization in the next 5 years be defined.

Most companies evolve through their journey. This would mean that the employees too will have to evolve over some time. One way to self-evaluate the process of talent planning and recruitment is by comparing the in-house talent that is already available and the talent that the company needs to recruit. It is the best possible comparison and also a measure of understanding of what the organization stands for.

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