Body Language: How It Can Help You Succeed at Work.

Do you sometimes feel that you lack self-confidence at work? When it comes to important meetings or interviews, do you feel that you cannot fully present your advantages because you are being eaten by stress?

It is worth knowing ways to deal with such situations. Especially now, when the coronavirus pandemic causes many of us to experience a very high level of stress, and many people are struggling with looking for a new jobs.

2 minutes to self-confidence

If someone told you that it was enough to do a 2-minute exercise to feel more confident, would you believe it? Amy Cuddy, a scientist at Harvard University, has done a detailed study of how body language can shape our personality and influence how we cope in life. She also found a way to use a short, simple exercise to lower cortisol levels in the brain and increase testosterone levels, which helps us get through stressful times. She presented the results of her research at the TED conference, and her speech has already been watched by over 60 million people!

How the body influences the mind

Cuddy proved that non-verbal cues not only affect what others think about us but also what we think about ourselves! As we contract, slouch, and collapse into ourselves, we feel more and more stressed and weakened with each passing moment. Two hormones are responsible for this – rising cortisol (the “stress hormone”) and falling testosterone (or the “dominance hormone”).

Strength position

An American researcher proposes using the so-called “Position of strength.” What is it about? The idea is to change your body posture for 2 minutes. Stand upright, put your arms up, push your chest forward, and lift your chin up. This is exactly what athletes take when they manage to win the competition. You can use it in the race for your dream job!

Don’t hesitate to use it!

This attitude will cause your brain to increase testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels, which will reduce your stress. Research shows that this is the degree of hormone that is maintained on a daily basis in strong and effective leaders.

When to use the Strength Pose? Whenever you need to feel more confident! Before an interview, an important business meeting, or an appearance at work. The next time you face any of these challenges, find a secluded place (like an office toilet), assume a position of strength, and… reach for your dream goals!

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