6 Smart Ways By Which You Can Show Your Personality In A Job interview

While building a career, one has to go through multiple job interviews and give their best to excel the same. Job interviews can be intimidating and one must be fully prepared to nail it. While your talent, experience, and skills do play an important role in creating a great impact on the employer, but simultaneously the employer would love to catch a glimpse of your real personality. However, you don’t have to go overboard and overwhelm the hiring manager.

To make your task a little bit easier, we have curated a list of a few tips and tricks that will help you to keep your best foot forward while facing any interview.

Importance of a Great Personality

Employers these days, want to have an idea of whether you are qualified enough for the designation or not. To assess this, they will definitely have to know about your personality. The more approachable and amiable you are, the more you connect with the interviewer.

Your personality should be such that you are easily able to connect with the hiring manager and able to show your skills and traits professionally.

A survey report suggests that 79% of chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said that an employee’s sense of humor plays a great role in fitting into the company culture.

While it is important to be approachable and congenial, at the same time it is also important to know where to draw the line and not end up overdoing it. Companies don’t prefer managing difficult employees, so if you can show that you’ve got the right personality it can help you to get hired.

Tips and Tricks to Let Your Personality Shine in an Interview

1.  Be Calm and Prepared

If you go for an interview feeling calm and collected, you will be able to focus on letting your personality come through almost perfectly. Find a friend or colleague who will act as the interviewer and ask specific questions to you so that you can practice answering out loud.

As they say ‘Practise makes a man perfect’, if you practice a bit beforehand, there are fair chances that you will be super confident and well prepared during your interview. A few relaxation techniques might also be quite useful. For example, deep breathing or meditation can assist you well in managing stress. It will also help you to feel at ease and to focus on putting your best foot forward.

2.  Interact More and Try To Engage More

It is important to greet each and every person you meet with a casual handshake or just a warm smile. First impressions are very crucial at job interviews, so make the most of it and demonstrate your confidence right away. Stand tall, make eye contact, and smile when you meet the interviewer. Companies desire to hire people they’ll enjoy working with, so show that you are approachable and have a positive disposition. If you’re interviewing through video call, do ensure to smile and keep your gaze focused on the camera so it appears like you’re making eye contact.

3.  Maintain a Good Body Language

Body Language is yet another vital factor that has a great impact on the interviewer. Be aware of your body language and make sure to stand tall and avoid slouching. Maintain a good posture that helps in demonstrating your confidence in a better way. Try to avert nervous habits like biting of nails, foot-tapping, etc. These nervous habits could make you appear nervous and unprepared. Avoid crossing your arms as this conveys that you are unapproachable. Staying calm and composed along with good posture is a great way to demonstrate your confidence.

4.  Make Good Use of Your Sense of Humour

If you think that you are witty and have a great sense of humor with perfect timing, then trust us, this could work in your favor. A few tiny tweety funny comments can really up to your game at the interview. But we would also suggest you avoid sarcasm, off-color remarks, or inappropriate jokes—this isn’t the time to show how edgy you are.

5.  Share Your Personal Experiences with Examples

Giving specific examples from your past experiences when answering questions, will not only give you a chance to support your answers with examples, but it will also give the interviewer an idea of how your personality has assisted you in achieving success in the past. You can describe a genuine situation or can even say something hypothetical and how you would have dealt with it.

6.  Try Being 100% Positive

While answering all the questions that are being thrown upon you, it is important to ensure that you don’t dwell on your negative experiences. Avoid criticizing your previous job or company. Rather focus on your positive experiences and how your optimism has helped you in growing your personality as well as your skills.

Always keep in mind that interviewers want to see the real you and how you react under pressure. By remaining honest but polite, and by appearing composed during the meeting, you’ll accentuate your strengths and ability to work well as part of a team, even in crucial situations.

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