4 Ways To Know The Company Well Before Interviewing For It!

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking for most of us because when you sit down at that table, things can get uncomfortable at times. You may be confident about your skills and capabilities and are a suitable candidate for the position as well, but clicking with the hiring manager is equally important.

One of the best ways to ease your anxiety before an interview is to prepare yourself well by researching the company and its background. Yes, researching the company before your interview is what you need to feel confident.

How To Research A Company Before The Interview?

Your internet stalking skills will finally come in handy now while researching for the company. And who knows it may even get you the job. Here’s how you can start with your homework.

●    Start with the website

Every legally registered company has a website and you need to visit it. Don’t just look at the home page and shut down, but dig deeper. Check their press/media section if they have it to have an idea of how they market themselves to their potential clients. It will give you a fair idea of the brand’s communication tone as well.

Check the website thoroughly, including their client lists, company’s background, mission and vision, the themes they are using on the website, and anything that you think might help during the interview.

●    Move to their press coverages on the internet

Search for the company’s name in the browser to see all the press coverages that are there for the world to read. Check out the latest news articles or business magazine coverages to know more about them. In case it is a startup and there’s not much on the Internet, check their corporate website for press releases. Just knowing the brand’s tone will help you a lot in the interview. Also, keep a check on the companies that are covering the organization you’ve applied to. And make sure to check if the information is positive or negative to understand the market reputation of the brand.

●    Check with your networks

Getting some insider gossip on the company before the interview is always a good way to know the real picture. They could look all good and clean in the media, but things might look a bit dirty from the insides. Someone who is currently working there or was a former employee or a friend of a friend will also work. They will give you raw information about the work culture, management, incentives, etc.

●    Resort to their social media accounts at the end

If you’re applying to cooperate companies, then websites and press releases work best. But, in case you’re applying to a digital marketing agency, a web development brand, or a social media agency, then you should definitely stalk their social media pages, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As someone who wants to be part of their team, the hiring manager would like you to aware of their design sense, their brand tone, their clients, etc. to see how well you prepared. A lot of hiring managers or team leads ask about changes or improvements that you feel can help the brand reach out to a bigger audience.

Also, check their number of followers and the kind of content they post every day or are they even that active. Focus on the language they use while interacting with their followers. Except for their social media accounts, check platforms like Glassdoor to check their reviews. Too many negative reviews can be a big red flag for you!

Here’s what all you should find out during your research

Now that you’re aware of where all you can search for the company, it is important to know the things that you should focus on instead of just aimlessly browsing through the internet. While compiling your information, make sure you’re searching for the answers to questions that may help you during the interview.

❖   Company Profile

It is very obvious as a candidate for you to know what the company does. But usually, we only read through the surface and don’t bother to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s profile. Dig a little deeper to impress the interviewer.

❖   Company’s Mission and Vision

Most companies mention it on their website itself to give their audience a clear view of their intent. You can go through that section thoroughly and check all the work they’ve done to reach their mission and goals. This will help you to use the same tone while communicating and aligning your vision with theirs.

❖   Company’s History

Questions like

  • Do you know when did we start?
  • Do you know how many employed do we have currently?
  • In what all cities do we our clients in?

Are quite common during interviews and it is expected of you to know the answers. Companies expect the candidates to come with a thorough background check of the brand during their interview. Always check information like their main headquarters, their mergers, partners, etc. to be able to answer appropriately when asked.

❖   Check out their competition

This is one of the most important things that you should research. Knowing about the competition gives you an edge because you can always mention if they are doing something that your company isn’t or vice versa. That helps the hiring manager understand your awareness of the market and the competition. This will also help you know more about the industry.

❖   Work Culture

Lastly, knowing about the work culture of the company is also important to know if you’re a good fit. If you’re looking for a semi-formal setup, then an MNC or cooperate may not be the ideal match. Some managers love micromanaging and bossing around. Try to tap on this information through your networks or the Glassdoor reviews. You can always tell the hiring manager that you’ll be a good cultural fit in the organization because your attitude matches the work culture followed here. Startups are always looking for candidates who are energetic, dynamic, adaptable, and ready to take up new roles whenever needed. Good homework always helps in staying ahead of the rest, and that is exactly what good research does. Finding a good job in California can be overwhelming if you find yourself lost during the interview. Go in that room well prepared and see how things work out in your favor without much effort.

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