Best Recruitment Strategy for Employers to Get Best-fit Talent on-board

We are living in the age of information revolution and every startup, small-medium enterprise and large enterprise working towards continuous improvement and innovation to delight their customers by giving them the best user experience. Information technology companies are evolving rapidly for bringing continuous advancement in Information Technology. Especially the use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Data Science, Data Monitoring and Predicting, Analytical Reasoning, Augmentation Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Marketing, Robotic Automation, and Scientific Computing has a wide scope for information technology professionals.  To work on these technologies, every company is looking for a skilled and talented workforce to design and develop an innovative, unique and robust solution to improve efficiency, refine the workflow, reduce the cost of operations, and saving time for their customers.

The competition to attract and hire the best talent is really high among employers. In order to attract skilled and talented IT professionals, every employer should have the right recruitment strategy. VeriiPro’s team of experts is having good knowledge in defining and implementing the best recruitment strategy. We recommend employers to adopt and implement the following recruitment strategy techniques for attracting and onboarding the best talent.

Recruitment Agency or Partner or Career Portal

Create and establish a strong Employer brand

The majority of talented job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job. Define and implement an effective employer branding strategy. Create your company’s profile which clearly demonstrates your objectives, what you do, your achievements, showcase your company culture, and get the candidates excited about the benefit of joining your team. You can showcase your brand by creating an attractive, responsive career website and blog or micro-site on Present pictures of your Company’s office, teamwork and achievements. Share employee testimonials and write about your work, your clients, key projects are done, and the new technologies your teams are working on.

Do word-of-mouth marketing to encourage referral program

Take referral candidates from your existing team because qualified job seekers trust their friends more than your recruiters.

Do Job marketing on Multiple channels

To expand the reachability, you can share your jobs on multiple social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Targeting Candidates who are not active on Job Portals

Nowadays IT professionals are following employers on social media and expanding their professional network to stay connected with all good company employees with the intent to stay aware of their jobs and ongoing trend.

Encourage Pre-Screening Process

While posting jobs define appropriate pre-screening questions for attracting and shortlisting best-fit candidates.

Establish a simple process for team collaboration

Implement a simple, fully transparent, and effective process for easy-to-collaborate recruitment and hiring models for the recruitment team.

Focus on Faster Sourcing for the right candidate

Always look for data of verified and pre-screened profiles.

Do Data Analytics of Past Trends

By using past trends about candidate search and shortlisting, you can get valuable insights and make strategic decisions based on real data. Motivate the recruitment team to develop a data-driven mindset while searching for the right talent.

Maintain and ensure data security

Take all necessary precautions and measures to stay fully compliant with all the requirements of the GDPR and other data security rules and obligations.

Upgrade and adopt new technologies and trend

Make use of modern and easy-to-use recruitment platforms.

The right selection of Recruitment Agency or Partner or Career Portal

The right selection of Recruitment Agency or Partner or Career Portal

Being an employer it is really important to make the right selection of a recruitment agency or partner. Always look for quality and flexibility and avoid getting stuck with a recruitment firm whose terms of services are complex and inflexible. Such recruiters often turn stiff on their conditions, unwilling to go along with the client. This rigidness hinders the formation of good employer-recruiter relations, thereby affecting the work. The employer should look for an agency that is agile and adjustable to its client requirements.

Veriipro career portal always looks for building and maintaining an employer’s brand with the right identity and good market presence. We maintain the employer’s profile to clearly demonstrate your objectives, what you do, your achievements, showcase your company culture, the categorical listing of jobs offered and the number of your followers.

We hope this information helps you in building the right recruitment strategy. To know more about us, kindly stay connected with We’ll be glad to provide you with the best services to market your jobs on VeriiPro and social media, and recommending you skilled and talented personalities with our refined search mechanism, and attract the right candidates to apply.

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