Secrets of Job Applicants, Who Get Called Back in a Day

Looking for a job is akin to a treasure hunt. There will be lots of twists and turns, missteps, and blind spots, and ultimately, the treasure is gained. The secret to every job earned is primarily perseverance. But it always pays to be smart. Certain steps need to be taken to make sure that the probability of the company calling back is high. Let us look at the secrets of job applicants and who get calls back in a day.

How does the recruiting business work?

The reason a company advertises for a job is twofold: Either there is a vacancy that got created or there has been a new position that has been created because of an expansion. As a result of this, Human Resources will create a job description, based on which the entire recruitment process will work. There will be minimum qualifications notified and a threshold below which the company will not shortlist candidates. Next, they will advertise these jobs through the online job board USA, best web portal for professionals, top job search sites, websites that advertise for top professional jobs in the USA, and the community for verified professionals.

  • Research

This is important since the internet is filled with loads of job applications. One has to look for the needle in the proverbial haystack. Your research will take you to websites and job portals like the ones which look for the best IT engineer’s job in the USA and online career advice web portal. The main purpose of research would be to place yourself in the correct domain. It is not helpful if you start applying for every available job. One has to be patient to find the best career online. Look out for the minimum qualifications and whether you are eligible for it or not.

  • Getting past the ATS

This is the new way of shortlisting hundreds of applications. The ATS stands for Application Tracking Software. It is the technology a majority of companies use to track and shortlist the numerous job applications that they receive. There are information and threshold limits set in the software and accordingly,it will select and reject applications. It primarily scans the keywords and looks for those important points that the company is looking for. If it finds a certain percentage of it in the application, it will select otherwise it does not accept it. The best way to get past the ATS is to research keywords through the various job posting sites across the internet. Make a list of those and then use the most relevant ones. The application needs to go through a few rounds of editing. There is no point in getting past the software only to have it thrown in the bin by a human.

  • Match the application with the job

The application should match the job posting. If there is incoherence in the application vis-à-vis the requirement then there is no way one is getting that job. It again boils down to research. The kind of vacancy that has appeared and the minimum requirement is some of the information that is relevant here. Also, do remember, every company does a thorough background verification check. So whatever you list on your application and CV needs to be backed by evidence. Employers will go to the extent of cross-checking with the previous company and hence misinformation needs to be avoided at all cost. Also, even if the background check brings out nothing suspicious, the job would bring out the weaknesses. Hence, it is always safe, to be honest.

  • A cover letter covers most

A cover letter acts as a booster for the application. It acts as a recommendation from a trusted source. Most employers do not seek cover letters but some do. If that is one of the requirements, then it needs to be fulfilled. A cover letter enhances the importance of the application. It also gives the current employer the impression that you have been an effective employee in your last position with the previous organization. It is also one of the job search tips online.

Lastly, While there is no secret as such to get a call back on the same day, how much one can persevere and be patient while working smart, separates the new joiner from the one who missed out.

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