3 Keys to a Great Pre-screen Phone Call

Pre-screens are generally a very simple and a straightforward way for an employer to check whether you could be a fit for a particular role or not. So the people you are gonna speak to would have already reviewed your resume and were further impressed to get on a call. So it is up to you to prove your professional worth and increase your chances of being asked for an online or in-person interview down the road.

When you get that call from an executive recruiter or hiring manager, you seem to pat yourself on the back. Congratulations on making it to the next step. But, don’t misinterpret it that this may be a relaxed conversation. This is again a very crucial call because the interviewer will be creating the profile for you. You will be judged on various factors like your attitude, personality, your ability to communicate, and how well will you fit into the company culture. If the call is on Skype, the person may also be evaluating your professional image and body language. So, make sure to show your enthusiasm for the role in order to move forward with the rounds.

You may go through online Career Advice web Portals as well when in confusion. There are so many ways you can prepare yourself to make it for the next round through a call interview. Here are some of the best tips for executing a successful pre-screen phone interview that will help to land you a job offer eventually:

  • Be regular in answering your calls and checking your emails

You can use Job search tips online and once you have applied for a job, you need to answer every call that comes through, even if you seem to not recognize the number. That may sound as a scary proposition, but it is the best way to differentiate you from the rest of the applicants, who probably don’t do the same.

The same goes for emails and LinkedIn. The messages from people you may not even know, so check your junk folder to ensure you don’t miss anything that may be important. 

  • Be Prepared and Communicate Job interest

Once you are there for a pre-screen, it is essential to remember the purpose of the call: so the quick check is important, if you could be a fit. These calls are not really a rocket science. While the person you may be speaking to may not even be the one whom you might be reporting or even not the one who is the decision maker to hire you, they may have the power to probably just move you forward in the process. Make sure you’re well prepared. Before the call, it is recommended to take time in researching about the company, reviewing the job description, and thinking about what all questions can be asked regarding the qualifications visa vis the role. You may have come across this company while doing your top job hunt online. Give the references while speaking. Most likely, the person you speak to does not have in-depth knowledge of the department you applied for. Keep the answers to-the point, and also share your enthusiasm for the role. Demonstrate your interest in the particular job they are calling you about, pointing to the specific requirements that discloses your expertise. This may require some basic research regarding the company and also the job.

  • Emphasize your brand and clearly express why you are the best candidate.

Highlight the value proposition in front of the interviewer, thereby also focusing on the key components like your background and experience that matches with the job requirements. Take the opportunity to also show how your prior experience has prepared you to contribute to the future employers. Present yourself as the best solution to the interviewer’s problems, by focusing on how you can prove as an added advantage and help the organization. Present yourself as the best solution to their issues/problems, focusing on how your background has helped you develop active listening, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The fact is that the employer is trying to screen you out from their candidates that don’t really match their exact needs. So if you are well prepared, practiced, and polished, you may be lucky to make it to the next level of the interviews.

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