Want to Be React Native Developer?

React contains JavaScript library for building user interfaces that help for mobile and desktop applications.

The original author of React: Jordan Walke
Initial react release date: May 29, 2013; 6 years ago
Stable react release date: 16.12.0 / November 14, 2019; two months ago
The license provided by MIT License
Developer(s): Facebook and community
Platform: Web and mobile platforms

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React Developers:

  • write bulletproof code
  • embrace complex application
  • support open-source
  • lead UI/UX teams
  • have an eye for design
  • share useful tips
  • explore new technologies
  • design new applications
  • revolutionize web applications
  • consume APIs with ease
  • create opportunities for others
  • mentor junior talent
  • understand the full-stack
  • create reusable components
  • push browser limitations
  • seek new challenges
  • live on the cloud
  • build for mobile and desktops
  • follow best practices
  • advise product owners
  • recommend resources
  • grow their careers
  • work for important causes
  • test code effectively
  • use microservice architecture
  • help each other succeed

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