Here Is How a Video Resume Can Get You Hired!

A candidate’s resume in the form of a 1-2 minute video clip is known as a video resume. A visume (video + resume) is also a term used to describe it. Video resumes function similarly to an elevator pitch or a top-up to a job application. You can see and hear your applications with the use of video resumes. It also enables you to gain a better understanding of how the applicants present themselves. It might also be referred to as a tiny remote interview.

Seeking the job market while dealing with a global pandemic that has afflicted 81 percent of the world’s working population and resulted in rising unemployment rates can be scary, terrifying, and weird. While there is no sugarcoating the current scenario, it is important to recognize that certain firms and organizations are still recruiting and that there are many measures that can be taken to improve your chances of starting your career successfully despite the obstacles.

Video Resumes Are a Popular Recruiting Trend

When developing a resume, keep in mind that a video resume is one of the most effective job techniques and the most recent resume trend for the approaching year. The opportunity to display not only your good knowledge of new technologies but also your verbal communication skills and say something significant to recruiters that will encourage them to ask you for an interview is provided by a creative video resume.

It’s possible that the printed resume would eventually go, the way the typewriter or fax machine did, especially at a time when more people are consuming digital video material and businesses are frustrated by a competitive labor market. TikTok, the uber-popular app known for short viral dance videos and general messing around, just announced the launch of TikTok Resumes, bringing the concept of the “video resume” to the forefront.

Using social media for recruitment has proven to be quite effective, especially for firms with labor shortages. For job searchers, creating a video resume is an optional activity. Companies rarely require or request candidates to submit a video resume. A video resume can be used to demonstrate any type of performance-based employment, such as acting on stage, teaching a class, or presenting quarterly financial data.

A video resume can also be a great method to show off your personality; for people who work in client-facing professions and have to charm prospective customers, a video resume may be very useful. On the other hand, it might not help you to boost your application if your function isn’t particularly eye-catching. You should also keep in mind that in a video resume, it’s easy to make a mistake—that is, there’s a good chance the screenplay, recording style, or setting will be inadequate.

Here’re Some Great Tips to Make an Impressive Video Resume:

  • Before you start making a video, do some research on the workplace culture and find out what their core principles are. Just then you will be able to write an exceptional resume that is appropriate and convinces them that you are not only an excellent professional but also a cultural fit for a position. However, be certain that this resume format is appropriate for the intended career field.
  • Aim not to go longer than 2-3 minutes. However, 60 seconds will be more than enough time to discuss the most important aspects of your career. Making short videos is preferred so as not to waste the recruiter’s time. Otherwise, it risks being skipped entirely. Above all, avoid rehashing your written Resume.
  • Recruiters will be turned off by a low-quality video, and you will never be chosen for the interview stage. Instead, give it your all and go for high-definition audio and video. Take extra precautions when filming your video’s background. It must be orderly and easily comprehensible. If you’re having trouble with your video, don’t be reluctant to seek help from experts to help you with this complex task.
  • Explain why you want to work for a certain company. Your job is to make a good first impression, so you’ll need to put in a lot of preparation time. You can also enlist the help of family members to obtain genuine advice. All of the positive things you could say in a resume would be very appreciated.
  • Carry along a professional look. Because your appearance is so valuable, you should take care of it. Select a proper outfit that will highlight your experience.
  • Write a video resume script before you start recording to help structure your Resume. Consider how to start a resume in a professional way. Not only could you exhibit information about your career accomplishments, but you can also display information about your interests, hobbies, and volunteer activities.
  • You must persuade hiring managers that you are the most qualified candidate for the job. Exhibit a willingness to work and contribute to the growth of the organization. Keep a positive attitude and maintain eye contact with the camera by observing your body language.
  • Download some free video editing software if you want your resume to look professional and perfect. This will make the task much more straightforward for you. You can include your name and contact information at the beginning of a video to make your resume look more professional. Although the task of generating a video editing CV can be intimidating, it is necessary and unavoidable. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to shine.

Employers Prefer Video Pitch Resumes for A Variety of Reasons

  • While other candidates are providing the normal ATS-compliant resume, you are going above and beyond and doing something different for them. You’re making it much easier for recruiters and companies to sort through possible applicants and obtain a more detailed image of you.
  • People frequently overdo their resume credentials and spend time constructing a misleading impression of their abilities and experience. A video pitch resume, on the other hand, helps to highlight your skills and credibility.
  • Sometimes the words on a CV are simply insufficient to express your qualifications. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can express a lot more about yourself in a video pitch resume than you can in a traditional resume. Your personality is formed not just by your professional experience and qualifications, but also by the way you stand, speak, and make gestures.
  • A video pitch resume allows you to gain this insight early in the hiring process and receive feedback to improve your presentation. A video pitch resume can help you express your enthusiasm for a job much more easily than a traditional resume.
  • “First impressions are lasting impressions,” as some say. In personal interviews, there are situations when you appear hesitant and fail to present your actual personality. In a video pitch resume, on the other hand, you may be yourself and in your element. This will offer you an advantage over those that send a normal CV and then show up for a first-impression interview.
  • Employers like individuals that are technologically aware and know how to use the most up-to-date trends and techniques. You’ll have a progressive edge if you do more than a regular resume and approach a technologically advanced way of expressing your job experience and qualifications.
  • Good communication skills are usually a priority in most companies. You can’t exhibit your verbal qualities on a written resume, but if you have excellent communication skills, it’s time to show them off to potential employers with a video pitch resume. It is necessary for a person to present himself as the finest applicant for a job.

Video pitch resumes are a great professional tool to increase your chances of getting your dream job. Veriipro offers this feature where candidates can upload their resumes for up to 2 minutes and can get shortlisted after the approval of the recruiter. This not only eases out the recruiter’s load but also helps the recruiter to better understand the candidate from afar. You’ve opted to use professional presentational materials in the form of a video pitch resume for your next job application, and the company will notice. A video pitch CV will be a significant tool for you if you desire that job.

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