Best Times and Days to Submit Your Résumé and Job Application

Ask a layman about how they apply for a job, and they won’t blink an eye before saying, you email your resume to the hiring manager and wait for their call. But ask the same question from an experienced professional or an expert (like us), we would say that applying for a job has its own set of rules and strategies that one should apply, especially if they are looking for jobs in Texas.

Starting from how to build a resume to on what days you should email it to the hiring manager, there are multiple ways to get the attention of the hiring manager. While how to build a remarkable resume has been covered in our other blog, this one will talk about the best days and times to submit your resume to get noticed.

Isn’t it surprising to know that a day or a specific hour in the day can make or break your deal of getting noticed by the hiring manager? We found it amusing too and hence took a survey with a few hiring managers to understand the logic behind this phenomenon.

From what we understand, this difference that is created based on days and hours is mostly based on human nature and we’ve tried to crack it down for you.

1.  Mondays

Sending your resume on a Monday is a big NO-NO because nobody in this world likes to work on a Monday. The Monday blues spares no one and even the hiring managers are not at their productive best to sieve through the pile of resumes. They are still probably thinking about their weekend and taking naps in between break hours. There is a high chance that they’ll skip your resume altogether and try to wrap up work to leave as soon as they can. So, don’t let their Monday blues blacken your future.

2.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

By Tuesday and Wednesday, most of us settle down in the routine and are willing to be productive. These days are great to email your resumes to the hiring managers because they are their best behavior on these days and it is likely that they will go through your resume properly on these days. Although, avoid sending emails in the noon or towards the end of the office hours, because who doesn’t like going back home right? Always, try to send out emails in the morning hours, or even in the early morning. That leaves a good impression on the hiring manager since it reflects on your dedication.

3.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Post-Thursday, the flow of resumes subside because it is the end of the week, and procrastination starts to kick in.  Hiring managers are in the mood to wrap up and hence they tend to miss out on new emails or postpone them till Monday, and by then your email is dragged down because of the new pile up over the weekend. So, just like the manager, you should also avoid emails over the weekend.

As per the timings are concerned, always try to make your mail stay at the top of their inbox, by being early in the morning or atleast before lunch. Because post-lunch, it is natural for employees to start feeling lethargic and less productive. Plus, there is also a chase that by then they might already find a few suitable candidates who shared their resumes before you did.

To Sum Up…

Submitting your resume at an optimal time and day is an important part of your job search, so be smart with your application. Hard work combined with smart work is the key to success and hence these little things should be kept in mind. A slight edge can do wonders to your application, so don’t miss out on it!

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