Important Tips for Working From Home During the Covid-19 Crisis

Life is all about accepting the challenges optimistically and stands stronger during a situation of crisis.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) causes a respiratory infection which affects your lungs and airways. Its main symptoms are Dry Cough, High Fever, Sore Throat, and Difficulty in Breathing.

The government has been taking the necessary steps to get fully prepared to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID 19. It is an international emergency and for its prevention, governments have ordered businesses to close and citizens to self-quarantine. During this lockdown situation, sales and revenue have been considerably declining.  

To deal with this situation, employers are encouraging the work from home option. This is a good opportunity for the fortunate employees to welcome this option and give their maximum contribution by adopting and maintaining an aggressive home office culture environment. Being a responsible citizen, make use of your professional ethics and moral values for getting well adjusted to working from home by following the tips given below:

Follow Good Habits and Self-Discipline

Working from home requires you to build your self-discipline. You can do it with your willpower and regular practice and ensure you follow the professional values the same as you follow in the office environment. Like as given below:

  • Stay focused with full ownership of given responsibilities and tasks,
  • Get ready for work: Get well dressed similarly as you do in office will boost your thoughts and give you fresh feeling to start your day for work. It also encourages the family to maintain the daily routine according to you and brings a feel-good factor.
  • Follow work timing & break timing for better team synchronization and collaboration.
  • Perform and review regularly
  • Do regular communication, and stay connected with your team, reporting manager, clients, partners, and business associates.
  • Stay positive & calm: During the situation of crisis, it is quite natural that anyone feels stressed, depressed, and get panicked. In such a situation, it is advisable to think positively and don’t get panic. You can easily overcome that by accepting the fact that you need to deal with it at your best. You just need to improve your daily routine habits for your hygiene and engaging yourself in positive activities while keeping yourself in isolation.

Stay Alert, Fit and Healthy

As you save on office commuting time, get the benefit of utilizing it for doing regular exercise, yoga, breathing exercise, mediation to keep your self mentally and physically strong. Finish your daily routine activities and take a healthy diet. Consume a natural source of Vitamin C.  Drink warm water with lemon slices at least 3 times a day. Take care of your family and follow the necessary hygiene, preventive measures, and self-quarantine guidelines to keep your self secure from coronavirus. Stay alert with a reliable source of information like WHO. WHO’s wider initiative to work with technology companies to get accurate health information into the hands of people that need it at this critical time. WHO health alert messaging service uses an AI Chabot to provide updated information on the pandemic, including how to protect yourself, questions and answers, and the latest news and press coverage on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Set Up a proper workstation

Generally, at home people have the habit of sitting on a bed, sofa, bean bag, etc. for more comfort, however, sitting for long hours with incorrect posture will result in back stiffness, pain in the spine, poor digestion, and can make you sluggish and lethargic. So, it is necessary while working on a computer make use of proper workstation with table and chair, maintain a good sitting posture and take 2 minutes to walk after every 2 hours for relaxing the muscles and drink one glass of warm water. It will help you to feel refreshed, energetic, and active and maintaining a good focus on your work.

Follow a Schedule

The best way a team can perform is always when work is planned, scheduled, and the team performs as per it. While working from home, it is very critical that all team members work in parallel and strictly follow the given schedule on a daily basis. A physical presence for a meeting in office now will get substituted with online audio-video conferences, so it is very necessary that during the work schedule, do active participation in the follow-up meetings and be available on Skype, Hangout, etc. for group conversation and instant messaging. Perform your daily tasks actively to meet the given targets and immediately report it to the employer for maintaining confidence and reliability.

Get Clarity and Stick to Achieve Goals

To perform accurately, it is very important that you should have all the necessary information and understanding of the given task assigned to you. Do not hesitate to ask for getting the clarity and discuss any kind of limitations or risks with your employer. Employers will certainly help you to address your doubts and get you fully equipped with the necessary resources to work from home. Do regular communication with your teammates to avoid any kind of communication gaps.  Stay focused to perform your daily activities with full ownership and achieve goals aligned for you. Give a daily update to your reporting manager about your daily activities performed and highlight the results accomplished.

Plan Ahead and Prepare Yourself

As of now, we can’t predict how long the COVID-19 crisis will prolong, so it is advisable to plan things ahead for at least 1 or 2 months in advance. Prepare for things well in advance will benefit you to perform effectively.  

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